Every new beginning starts with new connections.

LocalParty.Org starts out with collecting names of people interested in setting up a Local Party. The magic threshold before we spring into action is 40 people from a specific city or county. Email us and mention in the subject space your city or your district. In the email tell us whether you want to be a supporter, someone who will attend meetings and be part of the think tank, or if you want to be more actively involved, meaning you want to preside meetings, have organizational skills, are well-connected, want to participate in fund-raising, or other qualities that are useful to set up a political grassroots organization. Be honest to us about your political ambitions to make your city or county a better place. Help set up a Local Party; it will be something you can tell your granchildren (or the neighbors' grandchildren). Once 40 people have contacted us from a specific city or county, the first meeting will take place. LocalParty.Org may decide to partake in the meeting or deliver hand-outs to make this first meeting move forward. A contact person is chosen from all 40 initial participants to be the contact person with LocalParty.Org. A one page web-site can be added to our website.

If you are from outside California, you may contact us about setting up a Local Party IQ (internet quarter) in your state.



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